Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Sexy Catwalks and Silk Satin Fashion Wears Videos – You Might Have Never Seen Before

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Following are videos of the best catwalk shows and fashion wear displays featuring satin / silk dresses and more. Catwalk floor is a narrow, usually elevated platform used by models to demonstrate clothing and accessories during a fashion show. The term probably derived from catwalks that connect adjacent buildings. In fashion jargon, “what’s on the catwalk” or similar phrasing can refer to whatever is new and popular in fashion. A catwalk is also known as a runway, especially when it is not elevated. This form has been used in such instances as the title of the television series Project Runway.

Wet Look Leggings

Catwalk Dress Selection

Satin and Sequin Dresses

August Satin and Silk Wear

Free People Sequin Dress


Red Polka Dot Prom Dress from MoriLee

Silky Charmeuse Orange/Gold Prom Dress

priyanka chopra’s sexy catwalk

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Category: Fashion
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