Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Period of Hazrat Saleh – Qome Samood Remainings – Video

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حضرت صالح علیہ السلام کی قوم قوم ِ ثمود کے تاریخی باقیات

Saleh or Salih (Arabic: صالح‎) is an Arabic name meaning Righteous, and in particular the Qur’an mentions a man named Saleh as having been a prophet of Islam. Salih is described as having been born and raised among the Thamud, a group of people who lived in an area between Palestine and the Hijaz ( called Mada’in Saleh ) . The Thamud are said to have lived in stone houses carved into mountains, and to have worshipped idols made from stone. Saleh tried to convince his people not to worship idols and to embrace Tawhid, but they refused, insisting that Saleh obtain a miracle; the narrative goes on to state that God responded by creating a female camel (the she-camel of God), which the Thamud were allowed to milk for sustenance, but were not allowed to harm. Despite the instruction, the Thamud slaughtered the camel because of their rebellion, so God ordered Saleh to leave his people; when Saleh had complied by leaving, there was a large thunderous sound that destroyed the Thamud. Here is a Qome Samood remainings video.

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