Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Khawaja and Son – Full PTV Drama Serial

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This classic comedy serial revolves around Khawaja sahib (Ali Ejaz) & his son (Jawad). As a father, Khawaja sahib is quick to catch on to any mistake or wrong step his son takes and is ever ready to correct him. His major correction tool – twisting the ears of his son who is a full grown adult. With his father not giving him much room to breathe and his 9 sisters continuously placing demands on him, there is not much fun out there for Jawad. Fortunately Jawad’s loss is our gain as products of these interactions, the comical scenes & situations, are a treat to watch.

This drama is for those who appreciate principles, family values, respect elders and have an appetite for fun and humor. ‘Khawaja & Son’ can be viewed over & over again. Ali Ejaz’s comical role as Khawaja sahib is a revelation. His dialogue delivery is quite exceptional, especially when he suddenly switches to speaking in English (broken & forced)…this is a source of much amusement for the viewers.

Watch Khawaja and Son Live – Single Full Version

Watch in Parts

I have split the whole serial in seven parts having five episodes in each, for viewers, below. Click here to watch this show in parts or locate next pages links below for more pages of this section.

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Category: Urdu Drama
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2 Responses

November 4, 2009

i am a big Fan ok Khawaja may he keep on bringing more entertainment for us.

June 9, 2010

Ali Ijaz is a good Actor and compleetly entertainer i like him verymuch