Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Famous Classic TV Shows Broadcasted by PTV and NTM

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There were old good times when everybody used to watch these amazing TV shows at PTV or NTM. We used to call these movies. Best of the best were:

  • Full House
  • Fawlty Towers
  • Chips
  • Perfect Strangers
  • War of the Worlds
  • Knight Rider
  • Air Wolf

and more were:

  • Alf
  • Amazing Stories
  • Automan
  • Bergerac
  • Bless this house
  • Columbo
  • Family Ties
  • Fresh prince of belair
  • Fun House
  • Heart of the city
  • La Law
  • Magnum PI
  • Manimal
  • Miami Vice
  • Mirror Mirror
  • Misfits of Science
  • Mr Belvedere
  • Only fools and horses
  • Out of this world
  • Quantum Leap
  • Rent a ghost
  • Round the Twist
  • Six Million Dollar Man
  • Small wonder
  • Some mothers do have em
  • Street Hawk
  • Streets of san francisco
  • The A team
  • The Flash
  • The Girl from Tomorrow
  • The Highwaymen
  • The Master
  • THe Saint
  • The Sledgehammer
  • The wizard
  • Thunder Cats
  • V
  • V the Final Battle
  • Yes primeminster

What is your favorite TV show or movie from 80′s or 90′s from PTV or NTM TV channel?

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2 Responses

November 8, 2010

Hi Dear,

i must say you have excellent record of past tv programs & shows.
i have a query you might can help me.

i need to have a PTV Theam Music (when transmission was closing) PTV Theam Music were played daily along with the PTV LOGO after Baserat.

i love that slow (may be violin music) tract music.

kindly reply.

Thanks & Regards,

December 9, 2010

Hey man,

Thank you very much for bring all the memories of my childhood back. I was looking for this list for long long time. Funny thing is that I love Miami Vice and I bought all the seasons for it, I was not sure if PTV had ever telecast Miami Vice, but at the same time I had this rough idea of watching Miami Vice on PTV. My fav tv drama was and is Miami Vice. Other then that I loved Perfect Stranger and I will buy all of its seasons, if available. Ahhh man.. thanks again.